World Cleanup Day 2023

11 October 2023 - 3Min of reading

World Cleanup Day 2023

September 16, 2023 is World Cleanup Day. Due to many cleanup actions took place underwater and on the surface during this month. Our Ambassadors Tomasz Wciórka, Arkadiusz Srebnik and Maja Gadzinska, Patrycja Ciesielska – Santi Scholars – joined some of these actions with Avatar equipment. Summary of activities below.

The cleaning action of Marina Gdynia was organized by the MARE Foundation and the Tryton Diving Center on September 16. 30 divers took part in it. 40 bags of waste and a truck tire were excavated.

Maja Gadzinska about the action:

“The Cleanup the Baltic action as part of World Cleanup Day is a great initiative and a unique opportunity to dive in Gdynia’s marina. Applause for the organizers for efficient organization and super atmosphere. Congratulations to all the divers for their commitment and efficient cleaning of the bottom of the marina despite poor visibility and a huge amount of silt. It’s great that with passion, professionalism, kindness and good intentions on the part of the diving community you can do something good for our planet and our waters. I am extremely proud that, as a Santi grantee, I was able to make my contribution.”

The cleanup of the Slupia River underwater, by kayak and from the shore was held on September 17. During the event, 1040 kg of trash were collected in one day.

Patrycja Ciesielska about the action:

“A weekend spent actively, but also in a way that helps take care of our planet is a great time spent! I love to get involved in actions popularizing ecology and taking care of our planet. As a scholarship holder of @santidiving, I’m very happy that I could participate in this event!”


Arkadiusz Srebnik participated in another cleanup with Żibel NGO in Malta. During the 4 days of cleaning in 4 different locations, they collected as much as 4 tons of trash. You can read more about Żibel NGO’s activities here.


Cleaning action on Lake Insko organized by the Dive Devil base.

Tomasz Wciórka about the action:

“September is traditionally the time for cleaning up the world. In September many actions of this type are organized, both underwater and simply on land. In this case, we were participants in the action organized by the Dive Devil base on Lake Insko. From under the water, the participants of the action (more than 20 people) picked up several dozen kilograms of garbage…. This year definitely less than in previous years. Apparently, cyclical actions make it unnecessary to place containers.”


Thank you for your commitment.

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