Avatar 901 Undersuit ladies

The Avatar 901 Undersuit is designed as a comfortable and functional insulation under your dry suit. Functionality, very high flexibility and simplicity of construction allowed us to create a comfortable and inexpensive diving undersuit that will meet the expectations of all those who are looking for an economical alternative in the market. It's warm and cozy, flexible and well laid out, but there's more!

Avatar 901 Undersuit ladies

Avatar 901 Undersuit ladies


Easy washing and drying washing cycles allow to maintain better insulating properties.


SHERPA fleece is soft and comfortable in contact with the skin, it also has exceptional insulation properties, compared with natural lamb wool.


Avatar No.901 is made of modern SHERPA fleece fabric with wool-like finish inside with a weight of 450 g/m2 produced from 100% recycled plastic bottles. By purchasing our product, you are contributing to the protection of the environment, which is so important for our diving community!

All essential features you need in a proper drysuit set-up



Soft shell jersey finish of fabric



Low collar and flat front zipper

Heating ready

Heating ready

Heating system cable opening



Pętelka na kciuk przy mankiecie

Essential collection

Avatar 901 Undersuit ladies

  • Easy washing and drying washing cycles allow to maintain better insulating properties
  • Wide rubber under the foot at the legs, preventing the legs from pulling up when putting on the drysuit
  • Laminated cuffs with elastic thumb loops to prevent the sleeves from pulling up
  • SHERPA fleece is soft and comfortable in contact with the skin, it also has exceptional insulation properties, compared with natural lamb wool
  • 100% recyclable

Wash Info

Wash : In 30°C
Bleach : Do not bleach
Iron : Max temp. 110°C
Dry clean : Do not dry-clean

Avatar Sizing

Size Height Chest Arm Biceps Forearm Waist Hips Inner Leg Thigh Calf Body Trunk Boots latex neck seal coned latex wrist seal Hood
S 156-160 86-90 48 28 24 72-76 92-96 75.5 55 36.5 139 S S M S
M 162-166 92-96 50 29.5 25 78-82 98-102 79 58 37.5 145 M M M M
ML 168-172 92-96 52 29.5 25 78-82 98-102 82.5 58 37.5 149 M M M M
LS 162-166 98-102 50 31 26 84-88 104-108 78.5 61 39 148 M L L L
L 168-172 98-102 52 31 26 84-88 104-108 82 61 39 152 M L L L
LL 174-178 98-102 54 31 26 84-88 104-108 85 61 39 156 L L L L
XL 174-178 104-108 54 32.5 27 90-94 110-114 85 64 40 158 L XL L XL
XXL 180-184 110-114 56 34 28 96-100 116-120 88 67 41.5 165 XL XL L XL

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Questions about product

Can the undersuit dimensions be modified? Can I order a made to measure product?

Avatar drysuits and undersuits come only in standard sizes according to specifications. It is not possible to make the product to size.

Where can I buy this undersuit?

The easiest way to buy Avatar products is to visit your nearest Avatar dealer who should have stock of sizes or visit an online store that sells the products – you can find the offer in the Internet.

Can I apply to become the brand Ambassador? How can I cooperate as Instructor?

Avatar works with divers and diving "influencers" around the world. We select our ambassadors individually depending on the needs in a given country. We partner with individuals who have significant influence on social media audiences. If you think your SM reach and dive activity is large and attractive to the brand contact us - we will certainly let you know if we are interested in a collaboration.

Avatar as a brand does not offer products in direct instructor offerings. If you would like to partner with an Avatar dealer as an instructor, you can ask them about the individual instructor offer.

Can I test the undersuit before I buy it?

Yes, it is as possible at dealers who are also our test center. We have them in Poland and in several other countries - check the list of dealers. It is worth contacting the dealer and asking about such an offer.

If there is no dealer in the country that I live in, how can I buy the product?

The best option would be contacting AVATAR reseller in the closest location to you You can find them here: Find reseller If you have problems finding an AVATAR dealer in your area, please contact us, we will be happy to assist you. Write us an email info@avatarsuits.com

Can I wash the undersuit in the washing machine?

Yes, Washing the undersuit is advisable as needed in a washing machine and at 30-40 degrees, on a program designed for synthetic fabrics. The undersuit can also be tumble dried.

At what temperature does the undersuit maintain its thermal comfort?

The Avatar undersuit is dedicated to moderate and cold waters, as it is made of 450 g/m2 fleece. Although it all depends on the individual's feeling of thermal comfort, we recommend this undersuit for diving in water between 6 and 18°C

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