Get to know the opinion of AVATAR drysuit of one of the diving instructors of Black Angel Divers - Tomasz Wciórka

27 December 2022 - 3Min of reading

AVATAR drysuit – review by Tomasz Wciórka

‘A drysuit must meet my high requirements. I use it as a working tool in my job in various conditions. Chlorinated water in the pool, a silted lake, salt water of the Baltic Sea or a narrow squeeze in a cave. These are the conditions that do not necessarily guarantee its long lifespan. Therefore, a few things remain of key importance: reliability, sufficient durability, comfort and convenience of use as well as good service. My first experience with AVATAR was very positive. Soft, very comfortable fabric that does not restrict movements. In the water, I did not feel like I was wearing anything. A very pleasant feeling and a positive change. I quickly assumed that it would be a holiday drysuit for all kinds of trips and not very demanding dives. However, it turned out to be completely different. After many months of testing, I can confidently say that the AVATAR drysuit meets all the requirements set out. I did not expect that such a light and comfortable drysuit would be at the same time adequately resistant to wear and damage and would prove itself in everyday diving during training and courses. Thanks to the breathable membrane, I do not enter the water wet on sunny days, which definitely has a big impact on the comfort during long dives. All travelling divers will appreciate the low weight and small volume when folded. I gained at least one-third more space in the bag for other stuff. There was one thing I did not have a chance to check. This, however, speaks highly of the product. Namely, I did not have to send it for service.’

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