Get to know the opinion of one of the divers diving in the AVATAR drysuit - Aldo Ferrucci

29 December 2022 - 3Min of reading

AVATAR drysuit – review by Aldo Ferrucci

‘I used the new drysuit AVATAR during two intense weeks of CCR diving in the Red Sea, alternating walls, wrecks and caves, with depths greater than 100 meters and the use of 2 or 3 bailouts. As soon as I extracted AVATAR from its bag, I was struck by its low weight, despite being complete with semi-rigid boots and accessories. It is made of a new type of light and breathable fabric with cordura reinforcements on the parts subject to impact or greater wear. The low weight is a very important feature for people traveling by plane, where every gram saved is important, given the increasing limitations on authorized baggage. It can be worn very easily, and thanks to the large front zipper it closes and opens in complete autonomy, without the need for help to open it completely or start closing the zipper in excellent quality plastic material. Thanks to the excellent cut and elasticity of the zipper, it fits very well, I immediately felt at ease, even if the model I had at my disposal was a standard size without variations. Excellent two large pockets on the legs, inside which we find some separations and accessories to facilitate the transport of the many small things that a diver needs. The flap closure of the pocket is wide and equipped with a good quality velcro. Inside two wide adjustable straps allow to increase the fit and comfort without constrictions. All movements are carried out without any impediment both in the lower and upper part. After more than 20 dives, and almost 40 hours underwater, the AVATAR behaved very well, and without boredom, infiltrations or signs of wear. The suit is supplied with an excellent hood, a low pressure hose with quick coupling and some accessories for maintenance. Definitely an excellent drysuit, suitable as I said earlier, for people traveling, but also an excellent choice for normal recreational or technical divers.’

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