Get to know the opinion of AVATAR drysuit from one of the PADI diving instructors - Agnieszka Stachurska

29 December 2022 - 3Min of reading

AVATAR drysuit – review by Agnieszka Stachurska

‘I had the pleasure to test the AVATAR women’s LL drysuit during the AOWD and OWD courses I conducted, among others, in Koparki in Jaworzno, I dived in the BM configuration then. I am mentioning the fact of running the courses here, because it is a situation where I focus on the students, not on myself, and the equipment that I use is supposed to be 100% fit and reliable. Knowing the quality of SANTI products, I had no concerns about taking a completely new product of a new brand belonging to SANTI Group on such a trip. The AVATAR drysuit passed the exam. It is light, soft, fits perfectly and is suitable for diver both underwater and above. Very easy to put on and take off. Quick drying. Shoes very well fitting to the foot, Velcro makes the boots do not slip and there is no risk that it will slip from the fin, and the softness of the neoprene makes it easy to put on and take off. The suit’s proportions fit me. Despite some “slack” resulting from the standard size, thanks to the softness of the material, the suit adheres very well to the body and the air in it does not float. This lightness is also invaluable when diving in the summer when there are big differences in air and water temperatures at the bottom. I did not feel hot. And the ease of putting on and taking off on hot days is very important to me. My next dive in the AVATAR drysuit took place at Lake Piaseczno in the Ranch Diving centre. It was a recreation with friends, SM configuration. And here, too the AVATAR did a good job. The flap protects the zipper well, the pockets are easily accessible, and their size is completely sufficient to pack a mask, wetnotes, spool, buoy and spare gloves. The sole is firm enough to comfortably walk even on stones, and there is a short walk from the base to the water. To sum up, the AVATAR delights with its convenience and comfort of use. It combines the advantages of a drysuit and neoprene foam. Thanks to these features, it has become the most universal drysuit I have. It works well both during various types of dives, whether in rivers, lakes or the Baltic Sea, as well as during training.’

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