Arkadiusz Srebnik from Żibel NGO

30 May 2023 - 3Min of reading

Srebnik AVATAR 101 DRYSUIT opinion

I use AVATAR dry suit everyday in all kind of diving. From recreational, thru teaching and very demanding cleanup dives. The suit thanks to light material is ideal to work underwater and on the surface. It’s not restricting any moves and is flexible. Light weight of Avatar is ideal for traveling and packing. Avatar represents the highest quality for a reasonable price. Definitely a Dry suit for every diver.  

Avatar supports a registered Voluntary Organisation NGO Zibel from Malta, which aims is to reduce the amount of waste generated on their islands and restore environment to its most natural stateAmong their main activities are clean up and educational programs. Our Avatar’s drysuits and undersuits protect divers during diving, providing them thermal comfort and ability to stay longer in the water.  

photo by StudioBezNazwy
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