The Avatar suit is available in a standard size configuration only. Remember that the neck and wrist seals can be properly cut to size with a sharp knife or scissors along the markingson latex.


Thanks to cooperation with Santi Divingcompany, which acts as a distributor and sales agent of our brand, Avatar suits are serviced in the following authorized service centers:



Santi Diving Sp z o.o.

Adress: T.Wendy 7/9, 81-341 Gdynia, Poland


Phone: +48 693 418 011


Support Service Center in Australia

First Stage Service and Training

Adres: 1B, 28 Clyde Street, Rydalmere NSW, 2116, Australia


Telefon: +61 02 8606 2236


Support Service Center in Belgium:


Adress: Corbeillestraat 86, 2235 Westmeerbeek, Belgium


Phone: +32 495 182 277


Support Service Center in Germany:


Adress: Eintrachtstr. 37, 41751 Viersen, Germany


Phone: +49 17670198443


Support Service Center in Malta:

The Divewarehouse

Adres: Malta MSD 1180 Msida, 6, Anton Inglott Str


Phone: +356 27658035


Support Service Center in Netherlands:

4Divers Veenendaal

Adress: Arsenaal 5a, Veenendaal, 3905NN


Phone: +31 8785879


Support Service center in Sweden:

ReelDiving AB

Adress: Kråketorpsgatan 10, 431 53 Mölndal, Sweden


Phone:  +46 31 788 00 02


Support Service center in Swisserland:

Tauchersupply VERO GmbH

Adress: Palmweg 1, 9469 Haag, Swisserland


Phone: +41 81 740 64 71


Support Service center in United Kingdom:

Deepsea Marine

Adress: Unit 1 Robin Hood Street Industrial Estate, NG3 1GE Nottingham


Phone: +44 1159290707


If any replacement part does not fit after purchase, will be worn or damaged, if you want to have your Avatar serviced, contact the Service Centre in Gdynia, Poland directly, or any other point indicated above.


We will professionally take care of the leak test, required repairs or replacement of components. We will notify you of the cost and lead time after we receive your request.


Please read the Warranty Policy for suits and components, which is described in detail in the drysuit manual.


Some important information:

  1. Warranty for the suit craftsmanship - 24 months from the date of purchase
  2. warranty on the tightness of the waterproof zipper, neoprene boots - 12 months from the date of purchase
  3. warranty for the latex seals - 6 months from the date of purchase

The components are subject to natural wear and tear during the operation and use of the suit, hence the warranty liability is limited. The warranty does not cover any mechanical damage or normal wear and ageing of the fabric and constriction elements.


Each suit is equipped with a user manual and a warranty card, which should be signed by the seller.