AVATAR Drysuit.
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Imagine unlimited possibilities in the development of your passion for diving. Imagine a comfortable, lightweight, reliable dry diving suit that allows you to dive as long as you like in both the tropical and Arctic waters of our planet and explore the underwater world without thermal limitations. Imagine and see, because that's what we’ve got for you. Your new Avatar in the underwater world.

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The Avatar suit offers all essential features you need in a proper drysuit set-up:

The Avatar suit is very simple, bright and affordable alternative on the market for those who want to start their adventure with a dry suit, replace their existing suit with something modern or simply buy a new, spare equipment ideal for long journeys.


It is dry diving made easy.

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Enjoy the obvious benefits of diving in a modern, well-tailored diving dry suit: maximum thermal comfort underwater, less bulk in your travel luggage and less weight for immersion during diving, lightweight and incredibly easy donning and doffing, elegant design.