About us

AVATAR is a brand created in response to a visible need of the market by people who for many years have been creating diving products in the Premium diving sector. We know the technology and requirements very well, we are personally involved in creating better solutions and products for technical and recreational scuba divers.


SNT Marine is a company from Gdynia, Poland which, in cooperation with the best local sewing facilities and thanks to the distribution and agency cooperation with Santi Diving company, offers modern and reliable products dedicated to divers all over the world.


We want to offer an very simple and affordable alternative to the market for those who want to start their adventure with a dry suit, replace their existing suit with something light and modern, or simply buy themselves a new, spare, equipmentideal for long journeys.Any reason is well justified.


Why choose our product?

We sew in Poland, using the highest quality materials, maintaining the highest production standards, so far reserved for the premium product shelf. We have excellent local service facilities and commercial support. We offer a simple, functional solution in high quality for those who are looking for a Basic type of suit in an economic price range.


So, feel free to shop now.

The SNT Marine team